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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I've found the design I want but it's not on the product I want: How can I fix that? 
    Just drop me a quick email: Tell me the design name and the product you'd like it on and I add it - pronto.

  • I'm not from the USA: How can I shop in my own currency? 
  • Simply go to the International Stores page: Click your flag and that will take you to the International store portals.

  • Where do you ship to?
    Most international locations ~ includes over 100 countries Shipping details  

  • Can I get discounts for bulk quantities? Yes, order any design, same product, same order and the required quantity and you'll get the stated bulk discount deal. Here's some more information on quantity discounts.

  • Are my transactions safe? Yes, they are! Here's the Safe Shopping Guarantee 

  • If I don't love it, can I return it for a refund or a replacement? Yes you can. Here's the 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Who are you? I'm Terry Novich, I create all XTOLZ designs and take care of XTOLZ website. Here's some stuff about me and XTOLZ.

  • The information on is different to In the unlikely event you discover a difference, information should be taken as correct.
  • I have another question: 
    Check out the Site Map or send your question to me by email

What is Zazzle?

  • Zazzle is a Print-on-demand (POD) company. XTOLZ is an associate of Zazzle's and so they take care of XTOLZ manufacturing, inventory, shipping, and related customer service issues. All Zazzle's requirements apply to XTOLZ products. Zazzle is located in California, USA - products are shipped from USA

    •  Thanks to Zazzle:

  •  What does the Z Pro symbol mean? This symbol means that my designs have sold so well on Zazzle that they have awarded me the Pro Designer Badge. 

Pro Designer

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