• When you click on the XTOLZ product links you will see page that looks like the below image (but has your chosen product's image) Here you can click the "Customize it!" button - circled below (with arrow)

CUSTOMIZE IT Add text, images and more

  • Next: You will see a page like the one below: Here you can add more images, change or add new text and make product choices and much more. On this product's page you can choose the style of case you'd like to purchase. 

CUSTOMIZE IT no charge!
  • Anne said: Great quality and easy to customize - I was surprised at how easy it was to customize the colors and pick a binder size so that the product was exactly what I was looking for.
  • DB Rocker said: Very Happy with the product - Lots of graphics to choose from. Quality is great. Software ["Customize It"] is easy to use.

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