XTOLZ is an advocate for the Truth of God & His inspired Word: I was an atheist who staunchly believed what the evolutionary world had taught me but - thank God - I stumbled and battled may way into the Truth and 'evolved' into a Biblical Creationist. This site is created to show the reasoned, logical and scientific proofs of God and His Creation and also the rebuttal of the illogical, unscientific atheistic creation story - evolution.

Quote by Dr. Oliver, former atheist and evolutionist: “I remember how frustrated I became when, as a young atheist, I examined specimens under the microscope. I would often walk away and try to convince myself that I was not seeing examples of extraordinary design…” But the more Oliver studied the complexities of the natural world—things like snake venom—the more inadequate he found atheistic and evolutionary explanations. Today Dr. Oliver is among a growing number of former atheists who value the biblical truths of Creation.

It takes a lot of mind-bending credulity to be an atheist. You have to argue that the complexity of the universe occurred by random events originating from nothing. You have to believe human beings have no ultimate meaning or divine purpose. You have to explain away the historical truths of the Bible—including the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And you have to abandon all hope of life beyond the grave.

Genesis 1:1 is a statement of scientific accuracy—and a truth that grounds our lives in hope: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

"Christianity is True. Not the 'true for me but not true for you' kinda truth. This Truth is true for everyone, everywhere, always. It's objective truth. It is The Truth."